vineta2 New Generation of On-Line
Transformer Monitors

SERIES 1500 AND 1700

The series 1500 and 1700 Electronic Monitors are feasibly-priced devices, designed for monitoring distribution, power, dry-type and wind farm transformers. The monitors optionally include 6 A, 250 V relays that are programmable by the user and may be configured for automatic fan control, alarm activation, or to automatically trip the transformer off line. Contact status (open or closed) is indicated by LEDs located in the front panel. All models include one USB and one RS-485 port for remote communication with a master station, using DNP 3.0 or Modbus protocols. The rail mount modular design allows a serial port daisy-chain arrangement to interconnect several modules, thus increasing the number of input and output signals of the system to satisfy end-user requirements.

vineta2 Signal Converter

for power and distribution transformers


The series 1501 signal converter is a feasibly-priced device, designed for monitoring liquid-filled transformers. It is capable of processing up to 12 analog inputs of 4-20 or 0-1 mA. The device’s function is as a signal converter that measures and digitizes analog values, and forwards them to a remote terminal. For this reason, it is not equipped with display and control relays. It includes 2 communication ports (USB and RS-485) which transmit data to a master station (not included), through Modbus or DNP 3.0 protocols. The din-rail mount design facilitates the interconnection
of multiple converters in a daisy chain configuration, thus permitting simultaneous monitoring of several transformers.

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Dry-Type Transformers