vineta2 Pressure Relief Device (PRD)

for industrial, medium and high power transformers

The pressure relief device is used to release the pressure generated inside a transformer in the event of an internal short circuit. Pressure release is complemented with the operation of an electrical contact that sends the trip signal to the breaker, thus preventing the occurrence of major damage (explosion of the tank and fire). The materials used in the PRD guarantee a high resistance to the UV rays and corrosive environments.


vineta2 From 4 up to 20 psi operating pressure (± 1 psi), according to customer specifications.

vineta2 From 1 to 4 simultaneously operating switches SPDT, 15 A, 125/250 VAC.
Special switches for 10 A, 125 VDC.

vineta2 Sealed box and female connector with 8 pins (standard), 9 pins ANSI style or terminal box NEMA 4/6, IP 56/68, with gland connector PG-16.

vineta2 With or without flag for long distance view of device operation.

vineta2 Sealed female plug with cable SO/SOW, female plug with ½”-14 NPS thread (for conduit tube) or flying leads.

vineta2 Viton gasket and O ring (-29 to 204 °C) or low temperature Neoprene gasket and O ring (-54 to 149 °C).

vineta2 Painted stainless steel springs.

vineta2 Zinc plated and painted cover (standard), hot dipped galvanized and painted cover or stainless steel painted cover.

vineta2 With or without mounting gasket.



Three different models of PRD’s are available:

prd models

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